Publication in Digitized World

Enero 19, 2010

Gathering of information is inevitable especially to those who make research papers. To come up with a quality research work, you have to make sure that the data and information that your going to use are relevant. You have to choose materials that will serve as good resources such as books, manuscripts, and journals that can be found in libraries.

Nowadays, online journal is made possible by technology. This will really help people in making their research papers or broaden up their knowledge in exploring things under the sun.

There are many potential advantages for using online journal publication:

– Libraries can save costs associated with checking print issues of journals.
– Travel cost and time saving for the researchers. When you say online, it means that it is available in the Internet or webpage, so the users can access them anytime and anywhere.
– Since youth today are said to be “digital babies”, it is easier for them to navigate the online journal without the assistance of any people.
– Earlier versions of publication can be fully searched and kept in online system because it is being digitized.

These advantages can also be the reasons why there’s a need to create an online sytem publication of journal or other resource materials.

Here’s a good example of online journal, the Philippine E-Journals, which is a collection of academic journals that are made accessible globally through a webpage. This web-based platform has the following aims:
• Promote the research works done by Filipino scholars;
• Improve the online visibility and readership of the Philippines’ academic journals in the worldwide research community; and
• Offer electronic publishing as an alternative, cost-efficient method of supporting and promoting scholarly publications done by Filipinos.

Try to visit Philippine E-Journals in this website – http://www.ejournals.ph. Support our fellow Filipino scholars. Support our own pride!


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