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Marso 9, 2010

Computer Trivias

• Computers only understand two digits, 0 and 1. This base two math is known as Binary. 1 represents on and 0 is off. When you type the letter M on your keyboard, it is translated to the Binary code of, 01001101. Every letter, number, pixel you see on your monitor is a binary set of 1’s and 0’s.

• In 1998, 9.4 billion E-mail messages were sent per day.

• There are an estimated 800 million web pages available on the web and experts estimate the web doubles in size every 8 months.

• In 1983 Microsoft built it’s first mouse but only sold 5,000 of the 100,000 units built. It wasn’t until Apple released the Macintosh a year later that a mass audience viewed the mouse as a tool to make computing easier.

• The term “Hypertext” was coined in 1965 by Ted Nelson who used it to describe the multimedia system he proposed called “Xanadu”.

• In 1981 Bill Gates made the bold statement ” 640kb of memory ought to be enough for anybody”

• Originally the WWW prefix was used by the scientists at CERN (the European laboratory for Particle Physics) to distinguish Web files from other Internet documents. Today, it’s a completely unnecessary part of a Web address.

• A speck of dust inside a processor is large enough to cause problems for the chip.

• The word “boot” or “booting” comes from the concept of bootstrapping, or pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. Before PC’s, computer operators would run a program called the bootstrap loader. This loader did the initialization that is now automatic. The process became known as bootstrapping and later booting.

• As of March of 1999, there were over 364 million PC’s in use worldwide with 129 million of those in the U.S.

• In 1977, Kenneth Olsen, president and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., stated: “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home”

• The personal computer runs 400 times faster than the main frames of 30 years ago.

• The first all purpose computer ENIAC required so much electricity to process information that the lights in the nearby town dimmed each time it was used.

• In 1963, Douglas Englebart, invented the computer mouse which was later pioneered by Xerox.

• The largest network on earth, the Internet, started in 1969 with four nodes installed at the University of California-Los Angeles, the University of Califorina-Santa Barbera, the Stanford Research Institute, and the University of Utah.

Source: http://www.users.qwest.net/~ajensen1/index5.htm

Note: To know more about the functions of computer in our society or its implications in different fields, try to check out this article “Computer-Aided Instruction in Broadcasting Engineering and Acoustics” by R.A.M. Epino and A. S. Limjoco on this site (http://www.ejournals.ph/index.php/EJ).


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