Campaign for Wellness, Fight the Threat!

Marso 18, 2010

In the last few years, HIV/AIDS rates have been rising in the Philippines. It’s very alarming because our country is now in the midst of a full-blown epidemic. Mode of transmissions of HIV/AIDS are sexual contact (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual); injecting drug use; needle prick injury and mother to child. In the Philippines, cases of patients with HIV/AIDS are identified after the individual develops or acquires AIDS syndrome. Government and church began their campaign to bring HIV and AIDS education and awareness to youth in the Philippines.

Our government, most particular the Department of Health advocates the use of condom to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in our country. Last February 14, Valentine’s day, DOH gives free condom to the public as part of their anti-HIV/AIDS campaign. DOH clarified that their intention was not to promote artificial contraception but rather to remind the public the importance of responsible behavior in fighting the threat of HIV/AIDS. According to DOH the free condoms were just a tool of a creative campaign aimed at promoting awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention.

On the other hand, churches encourage abstinence to fight against HIV/AIDS. Pope Benedict XVI encouraged people to continue using abstinence education as the primary tool to combat the AIDS epidemic. Roman Catholic Church views that abstinence, not condoms, is the answer in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Best control is abstinence but the use of condom is next to abstinence although it’s not 100 % safe. Whether most Filipinos advocate abstinence or use of condom, what really matters most is that Filipinos should have an initative to fight this disease to promote a heathy living!

Note: Try to check out these articles to further increase your knowledge regarding issues of reproductive health in our society:

• Men’s Involvement in Reproductive Health: An Islamic Perspective
by Hamin Ilyas, Sekar Ayu Ariyana, and Rachmad Hidayat

• The Role of Men in Family Planning in the Philippines: An Assessment
By Sam Clark, Jonathan Flavier, Pilar Jimenez, Romeo Lee, and Harris Solomon


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