Computer Buying Guide

Marso 23, 2010

If your old computer is sluggish and it doesn’t perform well. Maybe it’s time for you to buy a new computer. But the choices among desktop and laptop computers can be confusing. You should know first your priority and need before you buy a new one. Here are some pro’s and con’s of types of computer that you need to consider that may help you in your decision-making:


• deliver more performance than laptops
• less costly to repair
• let you work in a larger screen
• can be equipped with better speakers
• available in various styles and configurations (suit to different tastes and uses)
o Full size – largest type of desktop; they are least expensive; easiest to upgrade and repair; offer the most features and options
o Compact – half the size of full-size desktop; inexpensive but more difficult to upgrade and repair
o All-in-one – incorporate all components into one case; space savers; difficult to upgrade or repair
o Gaming – geared primarily toward games; fastest quad-core processors; sophisticated graphics cards; large hard drives; plentiful RAM
• takes up a lot of desk space (even with a thin LCD monitor)
• not portable (you can’t carry it anytime and anywhere you wanted)


• less desk space
• it can do anything that desktops can do
• portable or handy (screen size are 17-to-18-inch, 14-to-16-inch, and 12-to-13-inch)
• expensive (cost more than comparably equipped desktops)
• more repair-prone than desktops
• more expensive to repair


• inexpensive (less expensive than most standard laptops)
• portable; lighter and smaller (netbooks are downsized laptops with 10-12 inch screen/monitor and it also weighs around 2-3 lbs.) and very good for travel
• designed mainly for Internet use and light word processing
• small displays, keyboards, and touchpads
• performance is slow
• no optical drive (but you can add an external one)
• you can’t easily install software or play CDs or DVDs

Each computer design/type has its own advantages and trade-offs. It’s for the consumer to decide which suit or fulfill his or her needs.

Note: Check this website (http://www.ejournals.ph) to view articles related to computer, technology, and its implication to our society.


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