Tablet Wars (iPad Competitors)

Abril 29, 2010

After Apple’s iPad released, it created a stir in the technology community. Due to its high-profile release and a wide array of applications, the iPad becomes a favorite. Other companies are making a headway with tablets of their own. Here are some biggest rivals to the iPad:

The JooJoo

• Linux-based tablet that was originally known as the “Crunchpad.”
• only one physical button and a 12.1″ touch screen
• “fastest” startup, connecting to the internet in a mere 9 seconds
• virtual keyboard designed for one-hand typing and a web browsing experience that uses touch navigation
• a 4GB solid state hard drive and can run for up to 5 hours on a full battery charge

ExpoPC Slate

• a windows-based tablet, which allows for web browsing, streaming television and movies, as well as apps and ebooks.
• “finger driven PC,” the screen measures 8.9″ and is capable of HD resolution
• specs include a 32 GB hard drive as well as a webcam

ICD Vega

• expected to hit the market in the first half of this year.
• Produced by Innovative Converged Devices and expected to run the Android 2.0 operating system
• a large, 15.6″ touch screen, although smaller sizes will be available
• 32 GB of internal SD storage, a removable charging dock/stand and the ability to play on-demand Web TV

Viliv X70

• features a 7″ display, with up to 60GB of storage
• includes flash support, a digital camera, GPS, 3G and multitasking capabilities
• it can also play back up to 6 hours of video on a full charge

Asus Eee Tablet

• has a versatile design which allows the device to be used as both a netbook and a tablet with both a touch screen and a traditional keyboard
• known as a “touch PC”
• has a 16GB SSD hard drive, slot for a 16GB SD card and an option for 20GB of online storage
• measures 1″ thick and features an 8.9 inch screen which can also be used with a stylus to write by hand

Dell Streak

• employs a 5″ touchscreen and is expected to utilize the Android 2.0 operating system
• expected to feature 2 different cameras (one outward-facing 5 mega pixel digital camera and a front facing camera for use in video chatting)


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