Safe Surfing

Agosto 23, 2010

Activate protection.
Make sure that your firewall, spam blocker, or other built-in security application is turned on if your operating system or software. Also activate spam filtering and other online protection provided by your e-mail service such as Yahoo, Gmail, or MSN.

Update and renew
Set your operating system and security software to update automatically. Spam, spyware, and virus-detection programs incorporate “rules” or “definition” files that must be updated regularly to catch the latest threats.

Watch what you download
Try to download only from well-known manufacturers or trusted sites.The myriad of free utilities, games, and other software on the Internet can be useful, but many are laden with viruses and spyware.

Run antivirus software
It actually works and you need it. An antivirus program will prevent virus-laden files from being transferred from your PC.

Don’t assume a certified site is safe
Although it’s vital to have a secure connection when sending personal information online (indicated by “https” before the Web address and a padlock or other icon on your browser), it’s no guarantee the Web site is reputable.

Guard personal information
Do not respond to e-mail requesting your passwords, user names, Social Security number, or other personal information, no matter how official it looks.

Avoid using hyperlinks in e-mail
Hyperlinks can show one address but take you to another. Before clicking on links in Web pages, hover your cursor over the URL and see whether the address that appears at the bottom of your browser looks as if it’s related to a page or site you expect to visit.

Type carefully
Tricksters sometimes create lookalike sites that use common mistypings of popular URLs.

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