Can you hear technology?

Setyembre 28, 2010

It’s so nice to hear that some software being developed are intended for the marginalized people in our society such as deaf children and those with hearing loss. The Institute for Disabilities Research & Training is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through research and development, training, technical assistance, and advocacy. IDRT develops software that is user-friendly to deaf people. All of the software that they created can be enjoyed by deaf, as well as by hearing people. Accessibility is often achieved by having video or animation of deaf signers interpreting auditory information. Picture menus and icons are used with deaf children to help them navigate the programs.

Some companies also launched technological products to ameliorate environment condition of people with hearing disabilities. iCommunicator by Interactive Solutions, Inc. promotes independent communication for persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and encourages increased literacy by “translating” English a number of ways. The iCommunicator translates in real-time speech to text, speech/text to video sign-language and speech/text to computer genererated voice. It makes an effective two-way communication possible for persons who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or experience unique communication challenges. Once translated, the user can use the built-in dictionary/thesaurus to obtain definitions, synonyms and antonyms. He/she can also perform internet searches for more information.

Technologies being developed nowadays to meet the needs of deaf or hearing-impared people demonstrate the advantageous/beneficial effects of technology in our society. It shows that technology should be accessible to all not only to the mainstream group of our society.

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