What Your E-mail Address Says…

Oktubre 12, 2010

Have you ever wonder what your email address says about your computer skill? I think you better read this:

own domain
ex. somedood.@theoatmeal.com
• good chance of being skilled and capable
• maybe even a programmer or designer

• most likely knows their way around a computer
• when the internet stops working, actually tries
rebooting the router before calling a family member for help

• uses a compaq
• still has issues with spyware
• still thinks that Myspace is hip

• usually types in all capslock
• sends you email chain letters saying that Bill Gates will eat your hard drive unless you forward this message to everyone you know

• before asking for computer help, still thinks it’s funny to say “I’m computer illiterate LOL”
• calls you on the phone to tell you about a neat website they’ve discovered, then says into the receiver:
“Okay, go to…
• prints out emails and brings them over to your house

Well, what do you think? Is it true or not? Does it apply to you or not?

Source: http://theoatmeal.com

Note: Try to check out and read aticles regarding new innovations in technology in Edtechie (http://www.ejournals.ph).


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